Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Plastic Cup Light

How to make a super cool light out of plastic cups!

What you will need:
150- 200 plastic cups (depending on how large you want the light to be)
600-700 staples
A light fixture (low wattage bulbs produce much less heat- recommended)

Step 1:

Start by stapling the sides of each cup together until you have a full circle of cups. Then start building on the second layer by stapling the cup TWICE, once to each cup beneath it. The staples should looks something like this....

Step 2:

Continue stapling layer after layer. Be sure to keep the cups as aligned as possible... (we made the mistake of not lining them up correctly and had to start over)

Step 3:

Make sure to leave a hole near the top large enough to put the light inside. Next place the lightbulb inside the cup ball, leave the cable hanging out and then continue to staple the final cups around the cable. 

Step 4:

Hang it up where ever you'd like!

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